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Meet our owner

O’Shea Yoga, at 365 Franklin Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ, in Bergen County NJ, offers Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Qigong, Vinyasa and Hatha.

Michele O’Shea, owner of O’Shea Yoga, specializes in Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is a science of well-being that combines physical exercises, mudras, breath techniques, mantras and meditations in an effort to heal, strengthen and elevate on all levels…..body, mind and spirit. When these three aspects are strong, healthy and in harmony with one another, we experience greater peace, happiness and prosperity in our lives.



Transformational Sound Healing
with Jarna Parikh!

Sound radiance is an exceptional tool for healing the body, mind and spirit.

The resonance of certain sounds will clear blocks and elevate your frequency.

No experience needed. You will need not do anything but rest!

Friday, March 16th

To sign up, please email us at osheayoga@gmail.com

Registration is required, space is limited!

Workshop Fee: $35

Bio: Jarna Parikh has always been in love with mantras, health, wellness and living an authentic life. She has a deep love and understanding for healing foods & mantras; sounds have been sewn into her very being and essence since she was born. She found her soul purpose with healing foods, healing sounds; gongs and singing bowls.

Jarna as a teacher has a unique gift and takes YOU on a beautiful journey, honoring OUR sacred temple (our mind, body, heart, soul) by giving it high vibrating foods and sounds to provide vitality; so, you’re glowing, happy and truly living an authentic life. Jarna is a Health & Wellness Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a children’s Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer known as the “Soulful Gongstress” and she incorporates these disciplines as she teaches. She is also the founder of Kaleful Thoughts; healing foods & sounds by Jarna Parikh.

Harnam Returns to O’Shea Yoga!!!

To sign up, please email us at osheayoga@gmail.com

“Creativity is the key to unlocking your souls purpose in this life.” – Harnam

Workshop Description: The time is now to embrace your destiny! When we redefine what’s possible in our lives then we open the door to infinite possibilities. We are living in a time of great changes and our ability to adapt and keep up is directly related to our ability to use creativity every day. We are the authors of our own destinies and need to embrace our Creative Superpowers. “A Relaxed mind is a Creative mind”, according to Yogi Bhajan and is the key to finding balance and rhythm within ourselves. When we are able to access the Kundalini energy (vital life force) within, then energy shifts around us and we become unstoppable. In this workshop we’ll tap into our own unlimited consciousness to transform ourselves using powerful meditations and kriyas. By working with breath, mantra and asana, we will come to that place of clear focus in the quiet center. Are you ready to fly?

Workshop Fee: $50

Bio: Harnam (Tony Zatzick), MFA, is an artist, yogi and musician who deftly weaves these powerful elements into his transformational workshops. Whether creating mandalas, leading sacred chant, or teaching yoga – Harnam will take you there. He is known for his heart-centered, authentic, and engaging style. His paintings and recordings are critically acclaimed for their transformational and soulful power. His new Spirit Voyage album: Meditations for Removing Obstacles is available everywhere in June 2017. Visit www.harnamusic.com to experience his paintings and other albums: “A Fearless Heart” and “All Roads”, and “Awakening Your Creative Fire”. To learn more about Harnam, please visit http://harnamtonyzatzick.com/about-2/

We Want to Hear from You!

O’Shea Yoga believes that yoga is about growth, and that applies to us and our teachers too. We love hearing from you about your thoughts, suggestions, compliments and constructive feedback regarding our studio, classes, instructors and programming. Please send a message to us at osheayoga@gmail.com!

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate O’Shea Yoga’s One Year Anniversary!!

Dear Friends,

On January 7th, 2018 O’Shea Yoga celebrated its one year anniversary! Recently, some students of our community inquired as to what led me to opening the studio. This inspired me to create short live videos over the course of seven days in which each day I briefly share a part of my journey starting from the age of 15 and leading up to the Grand Opening. I hope that my story might support, encourage or inspire you in some way.

With Love and Gratitude, Michele


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