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Class Descriptions

No prior yoga experience is needed for any of the classes offered.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Savasana "deep relaxation on our backs" is always part of a Kundalini Yoga Class

Savasana “deep relaxation on our backs” is always part of a Kundalini Yoga Class

Amanbir Singh, a world renown Master Kundalini Yoga Teacher, yoga therapist & licensed acupuncturist, and whom Michele has had the privilege of studying under, so beautifully describes Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.

“Kundalini Yoga uses movement, sound current, breath and meditation to relax and heal your mind and body, allowing the spirit to flow freely. Kundalini Yoga brings a greater feeling of well-being and happiness – our natural birthright as humans. This powerful and effective form of Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., Master of Kundalini Yoga, is a great way to recharge and heal your body quickly. How? By stimulating the nervous and immune systems, while improving strength and flexibility, as it centers the mind and opens the spirit. From your very first class, you’ll reap the rewards including– relief from back pain, stress, addiction, depression and insomnia, as well as weight control. Kundalini Yoga promises you peace of mind. Everyone can do it!” –Amanbir Singh

The Kundalini Yoga practice as taught by Yogi Bhajan emphasizes the benefits of:

Physical Asana Postures that stretch, strengthen and align the skeletal, muscular, and cardiovascular systems while developing physical stamina, balance and vitality.

Breathwork in the form of pranayama which soothes the body’s nervous system and opens the flow of prana through the body’s more subtle energy channels.

Developing Focused Concentration of the mind and both internal and expanded awareness through closed eye practice, drishti practice and silent repetition of simple phrases such as “Sat Nam” which means “I am truth.”

Using Our Voice to Chant Mantra (ancient sounds) in a rhythmic breath pattern in order to tune, integrate and sooth the fluctuations of the mind, quiet the body and touch our spirit.

Experiencing Deep Relaxation by visualizing the flow of energy through all the marma points in the body and then completely letting go during a prolonged relaxation toward the end of the class.

This class structure and the applied techniques, humbly build sensitivity to the present moment and an intuitive reality of self and others that is often described as a elevated consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga is also known as the yoga of awareness; its focus is on self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness. The technology of Kundalini Yoga is a science of the mind and body, to elevate the SPIRIT, WHICH HAS NO BOUNDARIES, no discrimination.  Therefore, it is for everyone, universal and nondenominational.

Gentle Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

This class is ideal for those students who are seeking a gentler, slower paced practice on a given day. This is still a traditional Kundalini Yoga class as taught by Yogi Bhajan but at a slower, calmer pace.

QiGong for Health and Healing

QiGong, an ancient Chinese practice for general well-being and health, is something that is becoming more available in our area. It is a practice that the Asian culture has used for generations to maintain and strengthen their health. QiGong translates as Mind + Movement = Meditation. It is an exercise practice of combining your breath with simple movements to relax and balance the body.

QiGong is one of the fastest, easiest, and most inexpensive ways to improve one’s health and well-being. The QiGong practice is easily accessible, you only need your breath and a desire to participate. QiGong can be done seated, standing, or even from a bed. It is available to all ages and supports overall wellness, which is why it is something that you would want to include the entire family in. In the tradition of the practice you would want the elderly practicing with the young, so they can share their gifts. One has youth the other wisdom. You would also have the sick practice with the healthy. Since QiGong is a community practice, in theory it takes the energy of one healthy person to lift the energy of two sick people. In other words the practice doesn’t divide people, it unites them as a community.

QiGong has been scientifically proven to benefit the respiratory and cardiovascular systems because of the increase of oxygen into the body. It has also been show to improve circulation as well as digestion. The gentle movements help increase flexibility and overall spinal health. But maybe the most important benefit of QiGong is that it helps to improve brain function and has been affective tool in dealing with depression as well as anxiety.

In today’s busy, over stimulated world we need ways to relax our bodies, calm our minds, and restore our health to a place of balance. QiGong is not only a relatively easy practice but it is also time efficient. Most QiGong series take 10 – 15 minutes a set. So 10 minutes of QiGong practiced 2-3 times a day is sufficient. QiGong is also very stabilizing and strengthening so it helps improve any other activities you do following your practice.

QiGong with Tapping

The ancient art of Tapping QiGong was developed over 3,000 years ago and is based on the balance, abundance, and flow of Qi through the meridians and organs of the body. Using a tapping method, you can learn how to open channels in your body, releasing tension, and removing blockages in the flow of your Qi or energy in certain areas. Tapping is an excellent exercise to feel invigorated, gain greater energy, and improve and maintain your overall health.

Mixed Level Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa, or flow yoga, is a style of yoga that harmoniously links breath with movement to create a moving meditation.

This is an alignment-focused class integrating postures (asanas), breath, movement, and meditation. It is creatively sequenced to build strength, develop flexibility, and calm the mind.

Each class is sealed with a deep rest.

All levels of experience welcome.

“Smile, breathe, and go slowly.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Hatha Yoga

This traditional Hatha Yoga class combines a steady balance of postures (asanas) with pranayama (controlled focused breath).  Detail will be given to get into each asana, achieve proper alignment, and strengthen the ability to direct the mind.  Students will be guided to control the flow of prana with the use of bandhas (energy locks) located within the body.  While locking in energy, students will feel a balance of steadiness and lightness within the pose. This practice unifies the center of the body and brings balance to clear any blocks in the chakras. The use of beautiful and graceful mudras (yoga of the hands) and mantras will be used as tools for self-understanding, peace, wisdom, and to clear and the quiet mind.  The blend of these practices, combined with meditation, becomes transformational in a spiritual journey to gain inner peace and happiness.

Harmony & Balance with Pranayama

This class will focus on finding more harmony and balance through gentle, flowing physical movements, and learning to access “Pranayama”, the power of the breath to calm or energize. This will be followed by deep relaxation to renew the body and meditation for connection with the Divine thread of the Universe.


“The power of Awareness…I am able to control only that of which I am aware. That of which I am unaware controls me.” ~Yogi Bhajan