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Children’s Yoga

O’Shea Yoga is offering a Children’s Yoga Program for children in Kindergarten through Middle School! Yoga offers children, pre-teens and teens the opportunity to enhance their physical strength, flexibility and coordination while strengthening their self-confidence and ability to focus.

children and teen yoga

Children’s Yoga

Taught by Kimberly DeLoreto, Children’s Yoga Specialist

Classes will incorporate asanas (poses/body movement), breathing techniques, creative projects, storytelling and yoga games appropriate to the age group. Classes will be fun and engaging while providing information and tools children can use in their home, school or social environments.

Benefits of Yoga for Children and Adolescents
Enhanced confidence and self-esteem, Greater capacity to concentrate and focus, Increased flexibility, coordination and physical strength, Enhanced resilience, Greater self-control/self-regulation, Expanded self-awareness, Greater inner peace and calm, Heightened creativity and imagination

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About Kimberly

O’Shea Yoga is honored and privileged to have as their pre-teen yoga specialist, Kimberly DeLoreto. Kimberly earned a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Elementary Education from Sacred Heart University. She has been an elementary school teacher in the public school system as well as in a private school and has extensive experience as a Children and Pree-teen Yoga Teacher and Consultant.

Kimberly has earned various yoga certifications. They include a 280-hour Yoga Alliance Basic Yoga Certification with Raji Thron, a 95-hour Yoga Alliance Children Teen Yoga Certification with Judy Levine, a 22-hour Child Play Yoga Training with Gurudass Kaur and a Radiant Child Yoga (RCY) 1-3 Training with Shakta Khalsa.


I enrolled my 7-year-old daughter into a children’s yoga program at O’Shea Yoga. Week after week, I watched her transform and find herself in so many different ways. I would find her saying and doing things that were directly reflecting the yoga sessions with Kim each week. She would journal and talk about how important it is to love yourself, how you need to say kind things to yourself and to others to help you grow stronger. The dynamic in the class was so positive and bright, and led by an instructor with a true passion for being a part of it all and really making a difference in the lives of others. I just loved to see my daughter being so mindful to leave kind footprints everywhere she went. This is such an important program for our family because in a world where our children are so busy and seeming to be on the go all the time, it’s great for them to learn the tools to disconnect, embrace and just be in the moment. This is more than a class for us. These are life skills that children need in an environment where they can flourish. We are so grateful to be a part of such an amazing yoga community and as a mother I look forward to watching my daughter continue to grow and blossom in such a positive environment with such nurturing and caring leaders. Sat Nam!

My daughter started taking yoga with Kimberly a few months ago. She absolutely loves it! Kimberly is a kind, compassionate person with a heart of gold! I have never seen her without a smile on her face! She is such a great role model for the children in her class. Not only is the teacher wonderful but the studio is warm and inviting. I highly recommend O’Shea Yoga for kids at all levels of yoga. Trust me, you will be giving your child a gift by enrolling them in these classes!


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